Project description

Taipei Youth Program Association (TYPA) is within Taipei American School. Its website was visited daily by parents to quickly access important information about school events and updates. However, the website's functionality was limited and gradually became outdated, hindering the showcase of TYPA's academic program, and outstanding student services and culture.
Thus, the goal was to redesign the website with a clear interface, keeping users' demand in mind.


What we did

The website was difficult to navigate, feeble and slow when making simple updates. We revamped TYPA's digital presence with our design to help TYPA better present its vibrant and energetic impression. We also simplified website maintenance to enable TYPA staff to better manage content without a third party.

Visual Identity

Our goal was to redesign the website using minimalist style and create a clear interface with user's demands in mind. We revamp TYPA's brand image by adding video and picture of school life that vibrate the school's impression.

Vibrant in minimalist style

Our approach was to rejuvenate TYPA's brand image in minimalist style to present its vibrant atmosphere. The use of video and pictures of school life helped us achieve this objective. The new website successfully conveys and reflects TYPA's socially compassionate image and the academic excellence.