Creating the perfect online course sales website with Webflow and WordPress


Tendemy is an online academy under Tenten agency that focuses on Webflow. With the iteration of web design tools and Tenten agency's years of experience, Webflow has become our primary building tool. Throughout the process, we are committed to sharing perspectives on digital, design, e-commerce, and startups, helping partners in related fields build rich practical skills. Therefore, we established tendemy to provide learners with a more systematic way of acquiring knowledge resources and continuously promote our innovative thinking.

Brand Strategy

We focus on providing unique insights and digital learning methods. We strive to become a leader in the field of web design education in Asia. Our vision is to establish an innovative digital learning platform that attracts like-minded partners and learners, enhancing their professional and design capabilities, and providing enriching career and learning opportunities. Tendemy's brand personality is characterized by challenge, passion, creativity, and positivity. We are committed to helping learners become professional leaders, enhancing their business and design skills, and creating value for each other.

Brand identity

Tendemy builds upon the brand identity of tenten agency, featuring a gradient blue color scheme that exudes a digital vibe and emphasizes a unique learning experience. The rounded Chillax font adds a playful touch, while 3D geometric shapes convey a sense of modernity, making the overall learning environment fun and innovative.

Brand messaging

Tendemy's brand message should highlight the following points:

  • Tendemy is committed to sharing digital insights and creating innovative digital learning platforms.
  • Tendemy is dedicated to helping learners improve their design and business skills and creating value for one another.
  • Upholding an innovative perspective and mission commitment, Tendemy promotes mastery of new era tools and realizing cross-disciplinary possibilities.

Platform integration

Prior to launching the Webflow Masterclass, Tendemy actually tried multiple platforms and even considered selling online courses through third-party platforms. However, with the Tenten team's rich expertise and experience, we decided to embark on the journey of running our own online courses and saw it as a great opportunity to achieve our goals. Ultimately, we chose to use WordPress to build the course checkout system and Webflow to create an eye-catching landing page. By leveraging these two powerful CMS systems, we were able to create the current Webflow Masterclass sales page.


Why Webflow?

As an excellent web design platform, Webflow offers many advantages during the development process. Firstly, the drag-and-drop editor of Webflow is very user-friendly, allowing designers to easily create websites with good appearance and functionality without writing any code. Secondly, Webflow provides many built-in design templates and elements, which can save designers time and effort. During the development of the "Course Platform Official Website" using Webflow, we used many built-in elements and templates that not only made the website look more professional but also saved us time and effort. Finally, Webflow offers good design and development tools, which can make it easier for designers to edit and test websites and ensure compatibility on various devices. With these Webflow tools, we can easily develop a perfect website and ensure that it runs smoothly on all devices.

Why WordPress?

After completing the website design and development on Webflow, we needed a system to handle the checkout system of the website since Webflow currently does not support Taiwan's payment gateway. Therefore, we chose to use WordPress, which we were familiar with before, as our course checkout system. Since WordPress provides rich plugins and templates, these plugins and templates can help us more conveniently construct and design the checkout process.


Tendemy's successful project has demonstrated that the integration of Webflow and WordPress can create a perfect website that caters to various needs. Webflow's user-friendly interface, built-in elements, and templates enable effortless design and development of a feature-rich website. Meanwhile, WordPress's extensive plugins and templates allow the creation of a comprehensive course checkout system. Overall, the combination of Webflow and WordPress is a powerful tool that can assist aspiring entrepreneurs in building a highly manageable course website.