Project description

As a famous design furniture brand based in U.S.A, Teamson has a great market portion on Amazon and Wayfair since 1997. Engaging in handmade crafts, they never stop inventing and has started to expand their brand strategy these years.

In order to launch an ambitious new online experience, they decided to combine all of their brands by the time they meet their 10th anniversary.

We cooperated with Teamson to build a comprehensive EC site, boosting sales through marketing automation and member system.


Express Brand Spirit on a Single Platform

It is our obligation to present brand spirit on a website. In Teamson's case, there're four different product strategies. Teamson's target audience are elderly women and moms, but their consumers are actually children.
As a result, we have to balance between the range of age, so we started with modern minimalist style when designing the website. There're space for creativity on product image. Playful elements are applied on icons, colors, and dynamic effects.
Four brands are able to present their stories independently on the same page.

Improve Sales with UX Design and IA

From purchasing process to product page, information structure and content arrangement, we constructed a comprehensive product page to help customers understand product details, indulge in brand stories and make actual order.

Brand stories and product details are able to edit through backstage system, changing content constantly according to marketing needs.

The Rise of Mobile Shopping Experience

Over 76% of users browsing website through mobile device, under this condition, we curated a brand new user experience for Teamson's mobile website. Since responsive web design has become fundamental, we understand that a great user experience is pivotal to build a successful e-commerce store.