The most creative content fest in Taiwan


Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) is an international cultural content exhibition, striving to help content creators share their work with visitors from around the world. Visitors are invited to explore & immerse themselves in those possibilities.

Due to the rapid development of Internet technology innovation, 5G technology has changed people's lifestyles and expanded new possibilities of five-sensory experience entertainment. The narrative of the content industry is also changing rapidly.

TCCF's main goal is to provide international professionals with rich resources for content creation and production also let Taiwan's young talent can be seen.

Background and Challenge

TCCF forum features four main areas: MARKET, PITCHING, FORUM and INNOVATIONS. Each area provides different topic and function for the users. The purpose of this website is to provide a clear information that not only provides the best experience, but also feels easy for visitors' attending. Topic filtering is also one of the most important features of this time.

We also conducted user interview with TCCF team to understand their goals, user behaviours, and problems for the previous website. The findings obtained from the research are then analyzed again which will later be used as a reference in making solutions. We started to creating wireframe layouts and came up with the one we felt the most suitable and ahead to visualize the wireframe by adding content, color, and copy in it.

The most important thing is that they wanted to have a backend that they could control and update regularly from year to year, so we chose Webflow to develop this project.


Our design team started from the ground up with usability research. We provided several eye-catching UI designs for TCCF to choose the style. The website was developed with a mobile first design with full page navigation utilizing figma for the UI/UX Design, and eventually developed into a custom Webflow theme.

Forum website projects usually got a lots news and exhibition information that needed quick and easy access to check - facing parts of the website. Each of these requirements and more necessitated a robust content management system to optimize the user experience. is a content management system for custom design and a unique interface where TCCF marketing team can generate content based on their visual identity. We use Webflow automation to enable users without design expertise to create and edit animated content that fits their day-to-day communication needs.  
We helped Cultural Policy Institute Taiwan to build a new website to redefine TCCF's mission: to become Asia's leading content business exhibition and IP information platform through Design Sprint and User interviews and continue to be a leader in Asia-Pacific.