5G Leading company, Brand Standards, UI/UX Design, Custom Webflow Development


REIGN Technology Corporation(G REIGNS) is a leading 5G network company based in Taiwan. REIGN’s mission is to provide an optimized 5G network solution to help enterprise seamlessly complete their 5G digital transformation, also a hardware agnostic and supports an array of partners across the spectrum of Core Systems to Servers and Radio manufacturers.

This project isn’t just a website design, but the redesign and implementation of the core brand identity, the visual personality that speaks and attempts to establishes itself as a worthwhile brand in the eye of the consumer. With the website, REIGN was able to accelerate the launch of their marketing website and move forward with a more competitive launch schedule.

Background and challenges

We took the color from REIGN’s logo, and add the special tenten touch that comes from years of experience. With strategic thinking and goal-oriented design, our designer has created designs that engage the user and make it easier for them to remember.

With more and more customers connecting to companies via mobile, it was imperative that REIGN’s website feature a mobile first design. We developed a fully custom responsive Webflow for REIGN to highlight mobile friendly. By developing a custom responsive Webflow, we focused on user experience (UX) for mobile - we delivered a flexible solution that resonates with users and continues to drive Company growth.

Process and results

Creating page designs that engage the user with a clear call-to-action and easy-to-fill-out forms has resulted in an overall increase in localizations throughout REIGN’s website. With a solid understanding of REIGN culture, goals, and customer expectations, we set out to design a fully custom Webflow theme that accurately and uniquely represents REIGN to the world.

Due to the complex nature of the business, it was important our design incorporated information about safety, regulatory issues, technology, corporate news, and customer support in a way that seamlessly highlights these different facets of the business.