The Moxa Digital Branding Redesign, Empowering IIOT: Revamping presentation quality and consistency

MOXA develops reliable network solutions that enable the critical connections that make our lives faster, easier, and safer. From wireless access points for the International Space Station to solar farms, MOXA is the global leader in IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) with over 70 branches worldwide. Tenten rebuilt MOXA’s digital identity and corporate website in an extensive reorganization of its products offerings to help clients find the right solution.

Improved product catalog for better sales

Our focus was to distill complicated information into valuable knowledge. We brought MOXA up to speed with the mobile-first world by crafting a fully responsive experience that optimized product browsing and sales generation across all devices.

With the robust filtering system, clients can find desired products in a few clicks and compare product specs. Buyers can use the "Follow Updates" function to track product updates and a "Save" function to bookmark any page, documentation, software driver and organize them with tags. We also streamlined the checkout process to reduce drop-offs by funneling clients from product and accessory pages to contacting a sales rep.

Designing for trust and maintainability

We helped MOXA communicate their commitment to safety and quality by designing for transparency. Product pages feature downloadable product specs, certifications, and case studies on real-world implementations so clients have all necessary information at their fingertips.

We also designed for flexibility — MOXA's custom design system accommodates for inevitable product changes and updates. With the component library and style guide, MOXA can continue to maintain a consistent brand tone.