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NFT craze is for real — digital artists sense that their lives are upended, courtesy of ever-lasting royalties, and immutable blockchain technology.

Tenten worked closely with Limau to ensure that the logo, website, animations, graphics, and emojis fit their exact specifications. We built a successful interactive website we’re proud of.

Background and challenge

We started on with the logo design, and here is a bit of background information on Limao brand's concept:

Blue - representing healthcare
Green - representing plantations and forests
Orange - representing property development
Gold - representing mining business

The most interesting part is Limau means "tangerine" in Malay,based on the concept and meaning, we drawn up in Illustrator and experiments were conducted on the appropriate type styles.

The final logo combines the orange and vivid colour scheme and the smooth shapes of the line making for quite an impactful design.



It’s one thing to design a logo for website or even for a company, but designing a new identity for a new brand that will feature your new design on products for. The landing page in particular was vital. In a fraction of a second, it needed to set a timeless positive impression and encourage the visitor to keep scrolling.

We also made every button click with micro animation to engage users. tentne crafted the desktop mobile designs simultaneously. The organic process made the final user experience much more fluid for the entire experience.

NFTs are a new way to buy and sell digital assets online, offering many opportunities for the creators. From adding new revenue streams by selling your own work or creating NFTs for clients, to reaching new audiences around the world, so building the most beautiful and engaging website was an absolute must.