LA Weekly

Translating a cultural cornerstone for readers in Asia


Founded in 1978, L.A. Weekly is the most widely read alt-weekly in the States, with well over 4 million visitors on each month. We worked with LA Weekly to craft an Asia site identical to the U.S. version and create a custom solution that sync and translates all articles and content.

Fetching content

One of the goals we had was to enable auto-syncing between and We needed one crawler site to fetch the articles and sync them to the actual site. This involves not only to fetch text data but also accurately show images, links, and other media from the original article.

We built a custom crawler pattern that shows all content and permits easy component editing in the case of inaccurate translations.

Bridging cultures

Since LA Weekly uses the WordPress CMS, we integrated onto WordPress with a custom-built translation solution that automatically translates each article into Traditional Chinese, which not many third-party translation solutions support.

LA Weekly