Eva Air 777-300ER

Project description

Tenten was excited and honored to work with EVA Air on presenting the brand new aircraft 777-300ER, which has Sky Wi-Fi. To make the introduction of this brand new aircraft as thrilling and exciting as possible like the plane per se, Tenten set out to make the website interesting and vivid.

User Experience


User Interface


Back End Development


Front End Development


Brand Strategy


What we did

We have tried and implemented new skills and technique we have never employed before to make this particular website interesting and engaging. We adopted SVG animation to illustrate the wireframe of the aircraft. The use of video of the sky in the background helps deliver the ambience of up in the air, which is a direct and clean start to browse the website.


The breakthrough of this project is the use of animation throughout the website to introduce EVA Air's brand new aircraft 777-300ER. The adoption of animation makes the website more interactive and interesting and hence more engaging to users.

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