The water sommelier quiz - A highly-effective marketing funnel


Coway is one of the most experienced water and air purifier company in South Korea. The marketing team choose to use the quiz funnel to boost the audience and try the market as digital promotion campaign.

Digital promotions that work! With quiz funnels, user segmentation is much more easier and practically automatic, which helps brand design retargeting campaigns in the future, letting you create highly relevant messaging.

Background and challenge

The biggest challenge was to complete the project within 3 weeks including design and development. We were trying to design with the best color combinations to get noticed on social media also be in line with the image of the Coway.

A website with interactive quizzes can be a fun way to get the member. User take quizzes and complete games and share the games on social media also can increase customer engagement, boost lead generation, increase social media following, and expand the brand value.


Our team designed those graphic buttons from scratch, and choose Coway's logo as starting color - Blue. The water sommelier quiz funnel asks users about important factors, like if user can tell fine water, temperature and how much he/ she drinks per day, that help determine the tester's preferences.

We've been using Webflow to build the project for out clients since last year, and we are highly recommend with it. A good Website CMS should help you find a combination that works the best for you. We created an interactive CMS Quiz by using Webflow plus a little effort of coding within 18 days. We were able to reduce total page-building times by over 50% across entire project.