Digital transformation of an industry’s premier construction firms with a track record for over 70 years


Founded in 1945, Continental EngineeringCorporation (CEC) is one of Taiwan’s leading companies specialized in engineering and construction. CEC strives for excellence, innovation, and providing quality professional services. CEC is committed to bring positive changes in every thing it does and wherever it operates. CEC delivers major civil infrastructure as well as building projects to enhance the quality of life and bring prosperity to the communities in which the company works. This is also the core message conveyed in the hero video, showing how people’s daily lives are connected by CEC’s projects. The revamped website strengthens the positioning, the company’s values and business philosophy to better communicate CEC to clientele and prospects.

Background and challenges

CEC is rich in history and has quite a few important information to display on the website. The very first challenge was to create a design that could fit and help communicate all different types of the company’s information. In this project, we utilized different design templates to accommodate the content CEC has to display and communicate without compromising the design coherence across the website.

From the technical point of view, the website has comparatively complex UIs to develop and implement, such as Featured Projects Archive, Timeline, ProjectsArchive, and Management Team. Our dev team customized solutions for complex UI sand adopted high-quality open source to meet the expected UI and UX.


Process and results

The revamp is a medium-to-big-scale project. Over 20 design templates were created to communicate CEC’s values with the online audience. To achieve this, we adopted a hybrid of both customized solutions and open source to deliver complex UIs.
Not only is the website responsive and aesthetic to visitors, it also caters to the needs of admins who can now use a more user-friendly content management system to update the information on the website.