中華電信 MOD

中華電信 MOD

中華電信 MOD

Chunghwa Telecom

Project description

Multimedia on Demand (MOD) is a service allowing users to access various TV channels and programs through broadband network, provided by Chunghwa Telecom. Chunghwa Telecom is the largest mobile operator and internet services in Taiwan, and the leader in corporate telecommunication services. It was Tenten's honor to take on the project to redesign the MOD official website.

This is a project involving reconstructing the information architecture, UI/ UX design and front-end development for multi-screen experience to fully equip the website to provide great user experience.


What we did

Information architecture was applied to TV guide, channel description and show category. Tenten has a designated design for TV guide allowing users to get the information they need in seconds and a timetable enabling users to follow and track the programs they do not want to miss.

In channel description, a full channel spread out sheet was added and designed to show programs according to date, hour, and display the program list. This allows user to switch between programs within the same channel and view different schedules.

Mega Menu design was employed to show a clear view of category, solving the pain point of not finding shows users want to find.

User experience and UI were not only taken into account in user's information processing but also in devices. Acknowledging several devices may be used interchangeably to use MOD, Tenten employed Responsive Web Design (RWD) to optimize the display on every device.

Clarity, usability and delight

"Clear and useful" is the mantra Tenten followed in the redesigning process to effectively illustrate what MOD has to offer to users with its wide variety of programs and movies. That is why information architecture was employed in many aspects. RWD was as well employed to comprehensively cater user experience. Different employed designs collectively deliver delight experience to users before they sit back and enjoy their movies or shows.