Dynamic landing pages can help you achieve the goal


When looking at best practices for designing a medical-related website, there are not only the basics of a modern, dynamic website as the first consideration but also some other critical elements. These include items like health education information, symptoms, location management for clinics and hospitals, service lines with related fields, and more.

The main goal of the chickenpox landing page was to improve the user experience with easier search information for parents with dynamic design and increase getting Vaccinated for their children. we set out to develop an overarching digital plan that centered around the website.

Background and challenge

After understanding the features the client wanted, the design team created IP images for the entire chickenpox vaccine website and optimized the user experience with vibrant colors and simple text.

With mobile-first design thinking, it was even more important to keep information simple. The team worked with the client to ensure that the site presented clear, user-friendly content and guided visitors to the relevant information they needed.


Our goal is not only to create an excellent experience that attracts viewers but also to design a unique digital experience. Our designer made creative effects that made the landing pages stand out.

One of our main goals was to increase getting vaccinated, we also simplified the navigation structure and created the site, also added up the button at both top and bottom. The development team and designer also integrated the Google Map search feature presentation with the website style to achieve consistency.