ASUS Pressroom

ASUS Pressroom Revamp: Empowering Media Professionals with an Efficient and User-Friendly Platform


Our project focused on revamping ASUS Pressroom, enhancing backend content management, and optimizing file organization. By benchmarking against leading global tech companies, we crafted a UI/UX design featuring responsive card layouts and clear, bold typography. Leveraging Directus for file management, we developed an infinitely nested album structure to accommodate ASUS's extensive product range and event coverage. Implementing streaming video embedding improved site loading speed and integrated external platform analytics. The result is a streamlined media hub with tailored layouts for different content types, facilitating efficient access for journalists and media professionals.

Background and Challenges

In overhauling ASUS Pressroom, we encountered significant challenges regarding content organization and backend management. The existing system struggled to handle the vast array of articles, press releases, and media assets, leading to inefficiencies in content dissemination and difficulty in accessing resources. Additionally, the conventional method of uploading videos directly to the site hindered performance and lacked analytics integration. To address these issues, we implemented a robust Directus-based solution for file management, allowing for flexible album nesting and streamlined access to resources. By transitioning to streaming video embedding, we not only improved site performance but also gained valuable insights from external platform analytics.

Process and Results

By meticulously redesigning ASUS Pressroom with a focus on UI/UX and backend optimization, we achieved remarkable results. The new interface features responsive card layouts and intuitive navigation, enhancing user experience across devices. Directus-driven file management revolutionized content organization, providing seamless access to articles, press materials, and multimedia assets. Streaming video embedding not only improved site performance but also enabled comprehensive analytics tracking through external platforms. Overall, our efforts resulted in a highly efficient and user-friendly news center that elevates ASUS's online presence and facilitates seamless media engagement.

ASUS Pressroom