Web Designer

We’re seeking a Web Designer who thinks like an architect, someone who can not only design beautiful, functional websites, but also create systems, assets, and workflows that scale.

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🔥We’re seeking an Web Designer who thinks like an architect

You’ll work closely with the development team to design style guides, components, and full layouts in Figma that translate painlessly to the web (Webflow mainly) You’ll work with high-profile clients and a tight-knit team to launch some of the most exciting projects in the no-code space.
Beyond that, you'll also get to work with our entire team on random, creative initiatives that we build internally — projects that we launch into the world purely for fun and not for profit.

Even though tenten is headquartered in British Columbia, we're remote-first (currently spread across 8 countries!) While we love and prefer asynchronous meetings, you will need to be able to make a select number of client calls, most of which align with Taiwan (UTF-8) timezones. We recommend at least 4 hours of overlap.

🤝 Our must-haves

  • 1+ year(s) of web/product design experience, either as a Junior or Senior in-house or at an agency (being a freelancer is cool too!)
  • Proven experience working with the web development process, preferably with an understanding of HTML and CSS. (You don't need to know to code at all, but you have a basic understanding of how the web works.)
  • Able to work in a creative environment where briefs are uncertain and clients have loose ideas that need to be refined.
  • A portfolio that showcases your strengths in UI and visual design, along with your proficiency in modern-day design tools like Figma. (Bonus points if you have experience with interaction design / animation.)
  • An ability to work with the Sales and Operations teams to clarify scope + timelines on projects to keep everyone's expectations aligned.
  • A forward-thinking vision with regard to desktop and mobile best practices, developments, and trends in web design.
  • You must know how to use Webflow! + Figma

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🌚 Message from our Founder

Tenten's founder and team are all techies. You will work with the team in Taiwan and the Philippines. Our #1 goal is to grow the company, and a company is nothing without a group of people working towards the same mission. So ultimately, our #1 goal is to help you grow, and we take that very seriously. I will challenge you to stretch beyond your level of comfort, but I will support you every step of the way. That is my promise to you!

🌚 About Tenten

Tenten is a Digital Firm that helps brands to find talented creators and artists to collaborate with and give them insight and opportunities to buy, sell, or hold works of art without relying on traditional intermediaries.

The product we are building is a digital peer-to-peer blockchain Web3 product. We provide resources, allowing creators, marketers, developers, and hackers to learn kinds of stuff about Web3, NFT, Smart Contract, BlockChain, and MetaVerse eco-system.