Low-Code Developer

We’re looking for two new full-time low-code developers to join our rapidly growing team at tenten — a leading no-code product studio and Webflow partner in Taiwan, headquartered in Taipei and, Manila.

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🔥 What We’re Looking For

  • Experienced: You’re a developer — someone with at least 1 year of experience working in Webflow and 6 months of experience using front-end languages / libraries like Javascript or JQuery (preferred, not required).‍
  • Curious: You’re eager to learn and open to new ideas and ways of working.‍
    Self-Starter: You don’t need to someone to tell you what to do or need tasks explicitly assigned to you in order to move forward.‍
  • Communicative: You thrive with asynchronous communication — either written (Slack, ClickUp) or video (Loom).‍
  • Details Matter: Whether you’re writing a few lines of code or building a new website for a client, you make sure that everything is semantic, performant, and optimized for the success of our clients.

🤝 Who This Job Isn’t For

  • Great communication is at the core of this entire company. Good communication may be more important than your core job some days. If you don’t like asynchronous communication, tenten may not be the company for you.
  • We love it when our team can find ways to self-improve, even in downtime. If you need clear tasks assigned to you at all times, this may not be the role for you.

🤝 What You’ll Do

  • Figma to Webflow: Most of the time, you’ll be working with our design team or a client’s design files (usually in Figma) to bring them to life on the Web.‍
  • Integrate Third-Party Tools: We love extending the functionality of Webflow using tools like Jetboost, Memberstack, Outseta, Firebase, and more.‍
  • Be a Good Partner: tenten’s reputation was built on being an incredible, trustworthy partner to our clients day-in and day-out. We make decisions as if we owned their business ourselves, and as such, you’d be responsible for helping our clients make strategic decisions for their business.‍
  • Work on Internal Initiatives: In 2022, we’re working really heavily on the tenten brand and tons of internal projects — built entirely for fun. You may find yourself working on these!

🤝 Work Location

721 JP Rizal St. Malanday Marikina City. 3rd floor E and J building 1805

This is a 100% onsite position in our Marikina office. You will absolutely LOVE this place.

🤝 Transparency

All new team members start contract-to-hire. You’ll have a 3-month term to begin to ensure that you like working with us, our culture, and your role here. At the end of your 3-month trial period, we’ll meet together to figure out whether the relationship works for both parties and if so, you’ll be extended a full-time offer.

✒️ Who Will Be Prioritized

  • The more Webflow experience you have, the better your chances of working here.
    If you have experience with creating or setting up beautiful interactions in Webflow, you will be prioritized (but this is by no means a requirement.)
  • If you can read and write basic Javascript (DOM Manipulation) and have experience setting up third-party systems like Jetboost or Outseta, you’ll be prioritized.

And as a company rule, in line with our core values, you can’t be an asshole. :)

🌚 Message from our Founder

Tenten's founder and team are all techies. You will work with the team in Taiwan and the Philippines. Our #1 goal is to grow the company, and a company is nothing without a group of people working towards the same mission. So ultimately, our #1 goal is to help you grow, and we take that very seriously. I will challenge you to stretch beyond your level of comfort, but I will support you every step of the way. That is my promise to you!

🌚 About Tenten

Tenten is a Digital Firm that helps brands to find talented creators and artists to collaborate with and give them insight and opportunities to buy, sell, or hold works of art without relying on traditional intermediaries.

The product we are building is a digital peer-to-peer blockchain Web3 product. We provide resources, allowing creators, marketers, developers, and hackers to learn kinds of stuff about Web3, NFT, Smart Contract, BlockChain, and MetaVerse eco-system.