Tenten: A CX and Marketing Agency

是什麼讓一些品牌和產品與眾不同?是什麼讓人們一再回到他們喜愛的品牌身邊?Tenten 真正做的是開發連結。我們幫助我們的客戶與他們的客戶建立聯繫。

We deliver behavior-changing marketing activities that transform companies.

We've spent a lot of time thinking of this. What is it that we actually do? Do we make internet sites? Yes, occasionally. Do we make apps and also various other digital medium? Yup, we make a reasonable amount of those. Do we create brands? Yea, that too.

But that doesn't actually explain it.

After assuming and also assuming, taking lengthy pensive strolls, and also talking with our partners and clients, we understood that what we really do is develop links. We help our customers connect with their clients.

What makes some brands and also products unique? What is it about them that makes people come back to them repeatedly?

When you work with Tenten, we start by investing high quality time with your core brand messages, identifying who you actually are and what you're really about. Then we begin developing: We think of a brand technique that informs your story. We help you shape your product in a way that will certainly make your consumers happier as well as extra efficient. We build digital experiences that obtain the word out to individuals that are seeking you, whether they understand it or not.

This is why, in close cooperation with your actual customers in the field, our teams jointly design, test, and iterate. To make the biggest impact from the get-go, we help you draw practical customer insights to build a sustainable roadmap, strategy and concept. We believe that only by constantly learning and refining through a thorough (and real) understanding of your customers, you can create impactful experiences that make people smile.

In short, we craft brand experiences that inspire loyal customers.

我們已經花了很多時間來思考這個問題。我們實際做的是什麼?我們設計品牌嗎?是的,偶爾會。我們開發 App 應用程式, 網站或是各種 Landing Page 嗎? 是的,我們打造了不少相當成功的網站與 App 項目。我們協助客戶打造行銷策略嗎? 是的,這也是。





精心打造的用戶旅程創造出讓人微笑且有影響力的品牌體驗。是的 - 這就是 Tenten.
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