Front-End Developer

Here comes the great great front-end developer! Who manage to do the interactivity and architecture of the web where users see the frontline of the site, someone who manages all the optimisation and speed of the site to deliver the content to the user, and of course, much much more.

Well, This is it! Tenten is looking for a front-end developer to fill up the front-end team, as for this position, we expect you to be a self-learning and growing man, for at least.


  • First and foremost, you will get to work with an amazing team. We invest an extraordinary amount of time finding the best possible people. This means we go through many candidates before making an offer, but as you know, five great engineers are better than a hundred good ones.
  • Our downtown office has stunning street views of Taipei city. By near one of the most famous department store “Breeze Center” in Taipei, you can find all kinds of stores or restaurant near our office. And we also have a great office enviorment like a coffee shop that we like to spend whole day in this enviorment surrounding by great music and smell of coffee. And sure, all the tenten crews have unlimited coffee served on the table anytime we need it.
  • At TENTEN, we are bringing science, design, and engineering together. To build a top notch startup products or experience into our next big ideas ourselves & clients.
  • At its core, TENTEN is a startup company with strong believe in technology and user-experience. In addition to the engineering team, our CEO Erik Chen have both in technical (Computer Science) and design backgrounds (Typography design & UX) for over 10 years.
  • Who don’t love hacking and creating your own project at freewill?


  • HTML / CSS / jQuery is a must, it is very basic and you should know them.
  • Using SASS (SCSS) for every project.
  • Manage namings for class / variables well.
  • You've used automated task flow, for example, Gulp and Grunt.
  • Experience on working with template engine such as Mustache, Handlebars, Jade.
  • Appreciate and emphasises UI and UX design, it is very important for our programmer / designer who keens to the latest design trends and enhance the site with his knowledge and ideas.
  • Good researching skill and self-learner.
  • Knows basic UNIX stuff.


Good! very good! Stuff below would give you big possibility of joining us:

  • Love these 3Gs - Great food, Good Movie, Googling Stuff.
  • Have Internet Anxiety that specifics to some subjects, for example: IOT, Web stack, Startups, Services.
  • You agree jQuery aren’t the only one, Zepto.JS, Underscore.JS, lodash… and more!
  • You know some other front-end architecture such as Angular, React.
  • You’re a die hard mac lover.
  • You have your own server and love to play stuff around it.
  • Customising! You customise almost everything… not to mention your macbook, your OS X interfaces, even your terminal!

And if you have all of those mentioned above? Well, expect us to throw you an invitation immediately!


Being in startup isn’t easy but we enjoy our job and life here everyday in tenten. If you’d like to join the big family, please click on the button below to apply.