Figma Config 2022 -Tuesday, May 10, 2022

✨ Config 2022 launches

We launched 15 new features at our annual conference! Check out the full list below:

  • Dark mode: Design in comfort and reduce eye fatigue with dark mode on desktop and web.

  • Auto layout: Create fully responsive designs with new layout options, a redesigned properties panel, and on-canvas controls.

  • Component properties: Use component properties to add text, boolean, and instance overrides to reduce manual variant creation

  • Spring animations: Create more natural and fluid transition animations when prototyping.

  • FigJam widgets: We now have more FigJam widgets, including ones integrated with Jira, Asana, and Github

  • Variable fonts: Broaden the possibilities of your designs and typography with a wide range of font styles and features.

  • Spotlight: Select to spotlight yourself so that others can follow you in Figma and FigJam files.

  • Individual strokes: Use partial borders to create more customized tables, headers, and more.

  • Review states for branching: Approve updates, share contextual design feedback, and request changes through branching and without leaving Figma

  • International keyboards (beta): German, French, and Japanese keyboard shortcuts have been remapped for easier access

  • Updated outlines: Showing outlines now reveals hidden objects, bounding boxes, and let's you select nodes from behind

  • Password-protected links: Share files and prototypes publicly with more control

  • Favoriting files: Use favorites to access your most relevant and important files faster

  • Desktop tab updates: Recover, pin, and drag tabs on desktop to customize your workspace

  • Widget Code Generator: Create widgets more easily using our new plugin that translates Figma designs into working widget code

Learn more about Config 2022.

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✨ Config 2022 啟動

我們在年會上推出了 15 個新功能!查看下面的完整列表:

  • 深色模式:在桌面和網頁上使用深色模式進行舒適設計並減少眼睛疲勞。

  • 自動佈局:使用新佈局選項、重新設計的屬性面板和畫布控件創建完全響應式設計。

  • 組件屬性:使用組件屬性添加文本、布爾值和實例覆蓋以減少手動創建變體

  • 彈簧動畫:在原型製作時創建更自然流暢的過渡動畫。

  • FigJam 小部件:我們現在有更多 FigJam 小部件,包括與 Jira、Asana 和 Github 集成的小部件

  • 可變字體:通過各種字體樣式和功能拓寬您的設計和排版的可能性。

  • 聚焦:選擇聚焦自己,以便其他人可以在 Figma 和 FigJam 文件中關注您。

  • 個別筆劃: 使用部分邊框創建更多自定義表格、標題等。

  • Review states for branching:在不離開 Figma 的情況下通過分支批准更新、分享上下文設計反饋以及請求更改

  • [國際鍵盤(測試版)](德語、法語和日語鍵盤快捷鍵已重新映射,以便於訪問

  • 更新輪廓:顯示輪廓現在可以顯示隱藏對象、邊界框,讓您從後面選擇節點

  • 受密碼保護的鏈接:公開共享文件和原型並獲得更多控制權

  • 收藏文件:使用收藏夾更快地訪問您最相關和最重要的文件

  • 桌面標籤更新:恢復、固定和拖動桌面上的標籤以自定義您的工作區

  • 小部件代碼生成器:使用我們的新插件更輕鬆地創建小部件,該插件將 Figma 設計轉換為工作小部件代碼

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