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Tenten’s cloud strategy, fully embraces Amazon Web Services

Tenten x AWS

Tenten today announced a strategic focus around the full cloud offering of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic focus will redefine how enterprises manage their Hosting, Technical as well as Functional Maintenance in a completely new and innovative way. The portfolio will include the integration of Tenten’s industry-leading Simplify Approach with the best-in-class AWS cloud solution and will allow Tenten’s customers to fully benefit from the real cloud solutions and opportunities.

Why Tenten partners with AWS:

  • Maximum uptime from a proven services provider
  • Elasticity to grow with a project’s needs
  • Sophisticated control panels to manage and report on environments
  • Tunable cost structure—pay only for what you use (cost effective)
  • Scalability
  • Distributed fault-tolerant architectures that minimize downtime


Tenten Empowering Digital Marketing with the AWS Cloud

In the past 5 years, Tenten has built a reputation in both UX, marketing strategy and technology in Taiwan, which is why it choose to use AWS Integration. Implementing a content management system (CMS) that’s fast, reliable and within specific cost boundaries can prove difficult, but Amazon Web Services’ scalability allows expansion or reduction of features based on a user’s needs. The cloud-based suite of services only makes you pay for what you use—which means your costs scale with your business.

The rise of Amazon Web Services and how we grow with it

Through the AWS platform, Tenten had been provide clients with an “all-you-can eat” service model that scales specifically to your needs for over 3 years. This custom application structure includes real-time monitoring of service critical metrics, detailed reporting, and end-to-end support through a project’s lifecycle. Integration will be continuous by using industry-standard tools and workloads will be distributed globally. And most importantly, AWS Integration will give more elasticity to grow with the needs of projects, minimize downtime and reduce costs.

So we are convinced that our clients will fully benefit from the cloud solutions offered through Amazon Web Services and also will be able to reinvent productivity and business processes for their IT function through Tenten’s cloud approach.

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About Tenten

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Tenten is a digital marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, creative content, UI/UX architecture, site analytics and CMS/ E-Commerce implementation.