Kuan Chiu


  • Programmer
  • Back-end, App, Game Development
  • Agile / Scrumban Methodologies
  • Human-Computer Interaction

“We love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” — Sarah Williams

Kuan is a programmer at tenten. Outside of work, he likes photography, drawing and Manga. He values aesthetic beauty and art above all in life.
This love of aesthetic beauty translates to a love of historical cities and vintage cameras and lenses.

Kuan's journey as a traveler has taken him to over 28 countries. However, when he's not somewhere far away, Kuan is an indoors person. Always a creative, he enjoys letting his mind wander at night.

Kuan graduated from NCKU, Taiwan, double majored in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. He then studied Media Informatics at RWTH Aachen in Germany, mainly focus on Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering.