Jean Lin


  • Business Manager & Account Executive
  • Business Relations
  • Marketing Planning
  • Skincare & Cosmetic Analysis
  • China Market Consulting
  • E-commerce Analysis

“Music is something inherently people love and need and relate to, and a lot of what's out right now feels like McDonalds. It's quick-fix. You kind of have a stomachache afterwards.” — Trent Reznor

As a business manager at Tenten, Jean is charged with overseeing the efficiency of our process and the quality of our product.

Since Jean joined Tenten in 2013, she has progressed through several roles in the organisation. Through her experience leading projects for clients of all-sizes, Jean has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing complex organisations and is always looking for opportunities for growth.

Jean has a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry Science, and a Master's degree in Medicine Dermatology.
With a lots of Digital experience in China, that She is also an expert in China (Internet Content Provider) license is a state-issued registration number that allows your website to run on a mainland China. Getting an ICP license is an additional step that is taken after you buy your hosting and domain, but before your site goes live.