Erik Chen


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Brand Strategy Experts
  • Art Direction
  • User Experience
  • Technology
  • VC

“We come to work in the morning, build startups, go back to our families, sleep, and do it over the next day. This is the most diverse, ever-changing, surprising and extraordinary daily-life you can get.”

An experienced entrepreneur who has built successful companies, Erik knows what's in a good idea and how to execute.

Erik sets the vision at Tenten and uses his wealth of experience to develop award-winning websites for some of the Taiwan’s most iconic brands including HiNet, EVA air, Ambassador Hotels, Everrich, TSRC and TPK, and startups like VANMOOF and RoundTaiwanRound.

After studying computer science in college and spending 15 years in the technology industry gaining UX/design experience, Erik now brings a passion for innovation to tenten. His management ensures that projects at tenten go through a rigorous process of conception, design, execution and delivery.

Erik is also an active participant in Taiwan's VC scene and takes a particular interest in Fintech/ SaaS and Internet of the Things.

- Keen interest and very experienced in international capital markets
- Strong quantitative, technical abilities and UX
- Good communication skills and client relationships
- Fluency in English/ Chinese